Have a Great Long Weekend + Welcome to the Family, Horatio!

Source: Green Like Bathwater

What are you up to this weekend?

A lot of gardening and relaxing is in store for us!

Have you seen the newest Little Women movie

I probably won't because I'm too much of a sentimentalist.

But I did take this fun quiz! I got Meg! Surprise! 

Whether you are a parent of a young child in the state of MN or not, this is thought-provoking. 

LOVE this piece on fostering personal style in children! 

Is there something to this? 

And is he the coolest dog in history?

P.S. We have a new fur baby!!!

Introducing Horatio (Hornblower)!

How we got him is a long story and we are so happy to have a little buddy boston around again! As you can see, he and George are great pals! George goes into his doggy bed and the two of them play and cuddle in there! It is the cutest thing!

Check back Wednesday!

Peace be with you!

Camping with a Baby in 20 Degree Weather and Other Adventures

My husband Shaun has always been a runner. Just this past Saturday he ran his first marathon on beautiful Madeline Island.

We decided to make this monumental event into our first family vacation and to tent in Big Bay State Park.

We knew there was a possibility of the temperatures being cooler and I did extensive research about how to keep babies warm and happy while camping in these temperatures. **

Here's what we learned. ...

Ahoy From Lake Superior!

We are on vacation!

Check back Wednesday for tips on camping in cooler weather with a baby and camping product reviews!

Peace be with you!

An 11 Month Old's Lesson in Creative Charity

Father Giertych. Source: TAC

Those of us who were quite literally blessed enough to have Father Giertych OP as our Moral Theology professor at the Ange in Rome will recognize the term, "creative charity."

We few. We happy few. We band of brothers.

Here is what "creative charity" means. ...

How CS Lewis Set Me Free as a Wife and Mother

Lewis and wife Joy Source: CT
C.S. Lewis is the kind of man who sets you free.

He is the kind of man you want on your bookshelf and brain.

What Saint Therese of Lisieux does with roses, Lewis does with words.

Scattered across the pages of Lewis' works is a pitfall most, if not all, wives and mothers step into.