Domestic Church Life: Good Food and Good Clothes

"I just ate like a king," remarked my husband Shaun last night over a beef pot roast that had cooked in a dutch oven for 3 1/2 hours.

I had felt the same way last weekend when he prepared for us acorn squash stuffed with sausage, egg, and cream cheese.

But when Shaun made that remark, it made me think about a story I had once read about St. Catherine of Siena.

Please, Stop Calling Dismembered Babies Women's Healthcare

Source: Christian Pro-Life

Although this post is short, it will no doubt come off as radical and uncomfortable. So is truth.

It might make people mad. It might turn people off. But I'm ok with that because it is the truth.

In the heat of the recent SCOTUS nomination, I heard over and over again a recent catch phrase pro-dead-baby folk are using to reference abortion.

Abortion, thankfully to the recent shift in our culture, has now become a sort of dirty word. It conjures up those inconvenient images of little dead people. Little dead people with perfectly formed fingers, toes, tummies, etc.

Since abortion no longer conjures up the warm feelings of 1970's feminism, pro-dead-baby folk are having to come up with a new term. Now, they are calling it, "women's healthcare." Or, "women's reproductive rights."

Please stop.

This is my one request. I am not even asking these people to become pro-life. All I am asking is that they return to calling abortion "abortion."

Why does this bother me so much?

Have a Peaceful Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

We were all set to paint our exterior but Shaun is sick with what I think is an onset of pneumonia and it feels like we went from summer to winter this year. George has more molars coming in and I am in need of some mental health/time in the confessional to break my habit of losing my patience lately! So all I am hoping for is a restful, peaceful weekend. And still holding out hope we get to transform our home.

Speaking of our home, I am looking into switching rooms with George since I would like to get bunk beds for the little urchins soon and there's no room in his nursery. Does anyone know of a good place to get well made but affordable bunk beds?

I am also needing advice on maternity pajamas for winter months. What have other moms who spent their 3rd trimester in the dead of winter found the most comfy for pajamas?

Poshmark has completely transformed the way I shop for clothing. If you'd like to try it, use my code: ALLJOYREMINDS when you join and receive $5 on your first order!

So true.

I am giving this deodorant a try asap.

Currently Reading:

This book is gripping. It has gotten me to think about things like art and family relationships in new ways. I can't explain it all now but it's one I can't put down!

And I finally found a great recipe that isn't America's Test Kitchen.

Here's to the 5 freezer bags of baby food-sized apple sauce cubes and the apple crisp on the counter!

Dear Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, I Had No Idea


A little over a month ago, I joined Poshmark. I had heard of Ashley at the Big White Farmhouse's success on it. My goal was to sell the shoes that I had worn at my brother's wedding that were one size too small.

What is Poshmark? It is essentially an online clothing thrift store where you can sell and buy used nor new clothing. Only, it's your favorite high end brand stuff. We are talking adorable Anthropologie cardigans for $10-15!!!

I took a few really poor quality images of the shoes with my husband's ancient iPad. And I left the whole thing alone for a few weeks.

I started adding more things from my closet that I decided I didn't want anymore. I had gone through a great purge of all of my clothes after having George because nothing fit and my pregnancy hormones made me hate everything. So even a few pieces that survived were getting the boot, only I was going to try and make a few dollars off of them on Poshmark.

I started to wonder why nothing was selling. I asked for help and started doing my own research.

The Lost Art of Immersion and Annie Dillard

The September read for Well Read Mom was Annie Dillard's memoir, "An American Childhood."

While I was driven insane by her apparent writing about "nothing" for pages and pages, when Alison Solove pointed out that Annie Dillard's entire pursuit of and appreciation for her "wakefulness," is indeed a reflection of her intimate knowledge of her soul, I began to read her detailed descriptions of jokes, family life, and insects with appreciation. What does it mean to be endowed with a soul?

The answer that Annie Dillard gives us in this memoir is not at first glance a religious one.

How many of us, when faced with the question, "What does it mean that I have a soul?" immediately think the only solution to fully appreciate this is to join a contemplative order? When we are perhaps in a faith sharing group and the question arises, "What is the purpose of life?" how many of us are either tongue tied or resort to the Baltimore Catechism definition, "To know, love, and serve the Lord."?

I think that definition is true. But what does that actually look like in our lives?

It's easy to say that. What does it mean to live that?